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Tuesday, 15-May-2007 14:42
second chances, or reflections

taken at the bird park last sunday.

didn't really think much about this picture when i looked at it on the miniscule lcd screen of the d70. i actually thought that an earlier shot of the same bird was better.

boy, was i wrong.

luckily, i decided to delete the 'rejects' only after viewing them on my laptop.

i guess we should always give a picture more than one look, before really chucking it out the window.

especially when viewing it under not so favorable conditions.

life seems to present us with many similar situations, where an opportunity may not really appear to be favorable or preferable when we first look at it. perhaps, our emotions judged more than our rationale did.

quite similar to viewing a picture on a small 1.7-inch screen, don't you think?

if given the time and space, we should reflect on the opportunity again. aspects that were hitherto hidden, may suddenly present themselves, giving more meaning to the opportunity.

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