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center of the universe?
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center the universe?
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Sunday, 4-Feb-2007 06:09
spin: the universe or you?

we are prone to believing that everything in this existence revolves around us. at least, it is our fervent wish for such a situation. every single utterance, breath, gesture we make would affect the cosmos.

but that is only a matter of perception. an egotistical one, no less.

the most probable truth is we are actually victims of circumstance. like the two ladies in the picture above, theirs is a situation probably best described by the malay proverb "kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang", even though it looks like the world is spinning around them.

instead of being the affector, oftimes, we are the affected.

the center of the universe is probably somewhere else. and we are just one of many caught in the spin that it generates.

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